I was commissioned to build three interactive exhibits for this brand new building, located in Al Ain - the cultural heart of Abu Dhabi.

The centreĀ is dedicated to educating visitors in the ways of the desert and the role the UAE is playing in conserving this surprisingly varied and rich habitat.

The exhibits focus on a range of subject matter and utilise a variety of technologies and treatments - including a multitouch, multiplayer game - Pack a Camel - where players must choose their supplies wisely to be able to survive an arduous trip through the desert and several 'Personal Action Stations', where the user is educated on how they can best preserve and use energy and water, as well the best methods of waste recycling - when running a home in the modern UAE.

All architectural photography is copyright Chris Weight, 2015. Not to be used without explicit written permission.
'Food Web' - touchscreen exhibit looking at the food chain in the desert
'Personal Action Stations' - Three touchscreen interactives, built to increase awareness of conservation and educate visitors on running a home responsibly in the UAE
The inner courtyard area at night
The building features some stunning, dynamic architectural design
Lower corridor
The sweeping central stairwell
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