Developer and Creative Technologist
Independent developer, based in Devon, in the South West of the UK.
Currently focussing on web and mobile application development - and on the delivery of rich, immersive digital experiences (installations for museums, learning centres, interactives for corporate events, boutique digital art pieces) for top agencies and brands world-wide. 
I work on a wide variety of project types for clients ranging from local government agencies to multi-national corporations, often with tight deadlines and requiring an exceptionally high standard of delivery. 
I have extensive experience leading and remote-working with national and international teams, using Skype, Slack, Hipchat as primary means of communication.
Technologies: NodeJS / Full-Stack MEAN / Ionic / Angular / Swift iOS 
Platforms: Firebase / Google Cloud Platform / GameSparks
I am available for contract hire, for all enquiries - or just to say hello! - email me or find me on Twitter