A longer term project - I was contracted as a lead developer on the core development team, working both remotely and on-site, to lead the build of a new, cutting-edge, Flash-based online video player for FranceTV for deployment and use on all of the client's online channels, including their coverage of the SOCHI 2014 Winter Olympics.

The player has a huge feature-set: It is skinnable, works with live, on-demand and DVR streams, includs Picture-in-Picture viewing and an advanced 'Quad View' facility, where a viewer can watch upto 4 channels at once within the player - something few other broadcasters are doing anywhere in the world at the moment.

The client also requested complete control over the features of the player - all buttons and visible features can be hidden or revealed, enabled or disabled as required, allowing total control of the viewing experience being delivered to end-users.
The new player is a central part of the online viewing strategy, maximising coverage for major events, including SOCHI 2014.
The player is skinnable, with visual components being dynamically updated at run-time as required by the client. 
Picture-in-Picture viewing allows users to swap between a smaller thumnbail view and the main screen, for an optimal viewing experience
The player supports bleeding-edge QuadView multi-stream viewing, for massive flexibilty - allowing the user to browse quickly and easily across multiple channels, focussing in on the content they are looking for.
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